The Keto Roll

The Keto Roll

40 minutes
Calories 140kcal


  • 114 grams blue crabs (cooked)
  • 40 grams olive oil mayonnaise (cooked)
  • 5 grams sesame oil ,
  • 5 grams Cholula Hot Sauce ,
  • 50 grams avocado ,
  • 50 grams Philadelphia Cream Cheese (or waitrose),
  • 2 sheets roasted seaweed ,
  • rice vinegar ,
  • 10 grams soy sauce (cooked)
  • 1 gram wasabi ,
  • crab meat ,
  • blue crabs


  • Start with your cooked blue crab. I buy Ocean Isle Premium Claw Crab Meat from Morrison's which is pre-cooked and very convenient. Any cooked crab will do, so use what works for you! Add the mayo, sesame oil, and cholula hot sauce. Cholula hot sauce is an authentic Mexican brand of hot sauce. I was shocked and pleased to find it in a UK supermarket. Also one of the few hot sauces with detailed nutritional information. Weigh your avocado and cream cheese. Divide them in half, along with your spicy crab salad, since you are making 2 rolls. Take one sheet of nori. Brush on rice vinegar to moisten the nori. This will make it easier to seal and cut later. Make sure you do not use seasoned rice vinegar, this has added sugar. Rice vinegar is similar to wine vinegars, but slightly less acidic. Since you are using a small amount of something very low-carb, I considered it negligible in the calculations. Spread your crab salad along the length of the nori down the center. Place half inch thick strips of avocado and cream cheese down the center also. Roll up your sheet of nori, sealing with more brushed on vinegar if needed. I do this without bamboo sushi rolling mats, so it can be done. It's not particularly easy though! Don't over work the roll. It is very soft and moist from the crab salad and will tear easily. Repeat with 2nd sheet of nori. Slice into inch thick slices. In a small dish, put 1 g wasabi and 10 g soy sauce. My soy sauce has 3.2 g of carbs per 100g. If yours is more carb-y, try watering it down with a little water - it may just be stronger. Or you can also use less soy sauce. The roll does not absorb much when dipped, and invariably there is some left behind in the dish - so don't stress! fat: 63.1 g, protein: 26.8 g, carb: 3.1 g ratio: 2.1:1

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