Foolproof Homemade Coconut Butter

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Foolproof Homemade Coconut Butter

10 minutes
Calories 390kcal


  • 4 cups unsweetened shredded dried coconut (or 5 cups flaked coconut, 300 g/ 10.6 oz)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt (or 5 cups flaked coconut, 300 g/ 10.6 oz)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder (or 5 cups flaked coconut, 300 g/ 10.6 oz)


  • Place the coconut - shredded or flaked - in a food processor (I use this Kenwood mixer with a food processor attachment that includes the "S blade").
  • Start processing until desired consistency is reached.
  • If you use enough coconut, you won't need to scrape it from the sides.
  • Here is how the coconut looks before blending and after a minute...
  • After 3-5 minutes...
  • After 7-8 minutes...
  • I add the salt at this point and just pulse for a few more seconds to mix it in.
  • When the coconut butter is done, it will be runny and will solidify as it cools down.
  • Just like coconut oil, coconut butter is solid at room temperature and becomes runny at 24 °C/ 76 °F.
  • I store mine at room temperature for up to a month.


Calories: 390kcal

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