Low-Carb Coconut Ice Lollies

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Low-Carb Coconut Ice Lollies

3 minutes
Calories 40kcal


  • 1/2 cup coconut water (unsweetened, 120 ml / 4 fl oz)
  • 1 peaches (small
  • 1 tablespoon erythritol (unsweetened, 120 ml / 4 fl oz)
  • 10 drops stevia extract (unsweetened, 120 ml / 4 fl oz)
  • 1/2 envelope powdered gelatin
  • 1 gelatin sheet
  • 1/4 cup water (unsweetened, 120 ml / 4 fl oz)


  • Cut the peach into quarters and slice thinly.
  • Meanwhile, sprinkle the granules of gelatin in cold water and mix in well.
  • Don't dump the whole gelatin in the centre or it will become clumpy.
  • Add Erythritol and stevia and heat up gently until everything disolves.
  • Don't boil or the gelatin will lose its thickening abilities.
  • Note: Alternatively, you can use a gelatin sheet or agar powder.
  • Check my recipe for No-bake Mini Berry cheesecakes to see how you can use gelatin sheets.
  • Pour the gelatin mixture into a jug with the coconut water and stir well.
  • Assemble the peach into the ice moulds, cover with the other halves and pour the coconut mixture in using a funnel.
  • Add the sticks and place in the freezer for at least 3 hours or better overnigh.
  • Note: If you are wondering why I used gelatin in this recipe, it's because these ice pops don't melt too quickly.
  • You can enjoy them for a longer and your hands won't get messy.
  • Any time you have sugar cravings, just take one from the freezer and enjoy! 🙂 Note: Use round ice moulds or any small ice lolly moulds.
  • I used paper straws simply for photography effect.
  • They are not good for making ice pops, as they get very soft.
  • Use wooden sticks instead.


Calories: 40kcal

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